Financial Assistance

When you are sick or facing the long-term treatment of a health condition, the last thing you need is to have to figure your way through the financial labyrinth of health care coverage. We are here to help you navigate this confusing process.

BioPlus offers our patients a thorough financial coordination program. Our benefits coordinators will determine your coverage and explain your benefits and co-pay responsibility.

Perhaps your health coverage is not quite enough to get you all the care you need. If you need financial assistance we will search all available Assistance programs that fit your diagnosis and needed therapy.

The application process for financial assistance is straight-forward and easy, with BioPlus on your side:

  • BioPlus staff will ask you some questions to determine if you meet the income criteria for assistance.
  • We’ll let you know which supporting documents to send in with your application.
  • We will get any forms needed from your physician to complete the application.
  • BioPlus staff will call weekly with status reports on the application and to let you know if anything else is needed from you.
  • You will get a call when you are approved for financial assistance.
  • We’ll explain how much medication the assistance program will provide. After that amount of medication, we’ll let you know how much co-pay you will be responsible for and when that responsibility will start.
What do I need to have before speaking to a BioPlus Financial Assistant?

If you have an active prescription with BioPlus:

  • Recent federal 1040 form or
  • Social Security and/or
  • Pension Benefit Award Letter

If you are not an active patient with BioPlus and inquiring about financial information, please use our contact form below.

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